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从事室内设计工作 翻译英文怎么说


从事室内设计工作 翻译英文怎么说

*be engaged in the indoor design job
*go in for the indoor design job


Interior design

急急急! 室内设计英语翻译高手进

The interior design in the my eyes
Conduct and actions 1 learns an environment art a design a professional student, I like my profession very much, particularly interior design, positive because I like an interior design, the interior design in the my eyes perhaps has an other people different place, underneath I want to share the interior design in the my eyes with everyone.
Many people will think, the interior design is to indoorly repair to decorate with indoor object, in brief impending, in fact otherwise, the interior design is to in brief repair with decoration, the person's whole life, overwhelming majority time pass through indoors.Therefore, people design the indoor environment of creation, by all means will directly relate to indoor life, the quality of production, relate to people's safety, health, efficiency, comfortable etc..So I think, interior design is construct betterly is suitable for people to live of indoor environment, regardless from indoor space of decoration, the layout of indoor furniture, also had be the choice of indoor material to wait each convenience, all wanted to do full consideration, began from the indoor sound and light heat, each time all of one-step designs is around wear person at this space of feeling, we each one steps walk related to a benefits of live in the design, so we at hereafter design of in the meantime, at want to well use luck own university learn just of in the meantime, also need to strengthen a little bit extracurricular basic common sense, let oneself can in the work better design, better do a good interior design work.
I have a passion for my profession and like an interior design of I will make great effort perfect oneself's professional knowledge, fight for doing a qualified interior design teacher.

室内设计师 英文怎样写

interior designer
I'm not an interior decorator,but I could always turn my hand to most things.
And yet you need not be a professional interior designer.
the color scheme for this room was determined by an interior decorator.
a discriminating interior designer; a nice sense of color; a nice point in the argument.
Fashion Designer


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